Warforged 5e (5th Edition) Race Full Information

The Warforged 5e was created ages ago. They were created as a tool of war. Originally golems with the power to find out and adapt on the battlefield, they shortly became aware. And, with awareness came a soul, and with a soul, the will to measure and not die during a pointless conflict. due to that they rose up against their masters and fled the sector of battle. They did this to measure a more peaceful life, far away from the conflict of death. They’re well-known for their size, their war prowess, and their single-mind focus. They create fearsome enemies and steadfast allies.

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They were made to fight in the Last war to satisfy their purpose with distinction. Like their human creators, they experience fear, hatred, pain, and anger. Most of the Warforged naturally seem reserved and pensive. They hide an array of feelings behind their inexpressive faces. The faces of Warforged weren’t designed to display facial expressions. It can appear as if they’re distant from the conversation. they need a scarcity of physical facial expressions but despite that, they’re not completely without expressions. Once they experience strong or specific emotions, their eyes sometimes tend to decorate. For the comfort of their companion, some war forged modified their faces to be more expressive.

Warforged 5e

Warforged 5e race in dnd races

Name of the RaceWarforged
Avg. Weight270 - 300 lbs.
Avg. Height

6'0" - 6'6"

Aundair; Breland; Karrnath;

The Mournland; Thrane
LifespanInfinite (theoretical)
Creature TypeConstruct (living construct)


By character class
Favored Class

Ability Modifiers+2 Constitution, +2 Intelligence

or +2 Strength
Ability Modifiers

+2 Constitution, -2 Wisdom,

-2 Charisma
Creature TypeNatural humanoid (living construct)

SourceEberron Campaign Setting, pg. 20-24;

Races of Eberron, pg. 7-9
Skill Modifiers+2 Endurance, +2 Intimidate

Eberron Player's Guide, pg. 32-33

Warforged doesn’t have much life experience because they spent most of their time working towards one specific duty. All Warforged share just one interest which is their love of working. And, to feed that feeling they create endless lists of goals. They will work extremely hard. Military thinking and war are the inspiration for their personalities. They understand all right the chain of command, conflict, and duty.

Average Warforged stand 6 to 6’6” tall and therefore the weight of Warforged are 270-300lbs. Among Warforged subraces, these numbers may vary. Scouts stand 2’10” to 3’16” tall and weigh between 35-50 lbs. Juggernauts are usually 6’2” to 7 feet tall and weight is 280-360 lbs.

The method that Warforged can fit into the planet is Adventuring. Few people care whether you were made or born within the wilds of Xen’drik, the traditional continent of secrets. to flee from the confines of a society a reasonably sizable amount of Warforged choose an adventuring life to interact in some meaningful activity.

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Warforged adopts their names from the culture where they were created. Most of their names are assigned at construction and people’s names are simple and associated with the work they are doing. The comrades of Warforged also can give them nicknames and they happily accept those names. Some Warforged adopts a private name. These names are decided by the Warforged themselves and are determined after long periods of soul-searching.

Warforged haven’t any homeland as they originated in Cyre before its destruction. Many Warforged has dispersed across khorvaire, laboring as indentured servants in Koorth, Flamekeep, andatur. Attempting to create a replacement Warforged society free from the unfairness and mistrust of the older races. Adventuring is the only way in which war forges can fit into the planet.

Basically, the warforged enjoy the power to simply accept the magic into their composite plating and also to graft particular magic items for or their bodies, but from them, few warforged are interested in how or why either this process will work.

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