What language do Minions speak?

Kids love watching the Despicable me series. They love collecting the minion characters to show off their love for this character. Ever since its release, the minion’s physical character has been imprinted in everyone’s mind. The yellow creatures which were side-lined in the first movie have got to play the protagonist role in the later sequels. Two sequels are released after its first franchise with the name, Despicable 2 and Despicable 3, and two other spin-off sequels Minions and Minions: The rise of Gru, and the four sequels are scheduled to release in 2024.

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The character in this movie is loved by all and a lot of merchandise is being created. The yellow creatures in the movie are known for their antics and unfathomable language.  Everyone wonders which language the minions speak. If you are someone who is a minion fan and curious to know what type of language these little creatures are speaking read on.

What language do Minions speak?

The big question that is haunting many is which language minions speak. They speak up a new language called minions which is born from different languages. It is also known by the other name called banana language or minion language. The Language is the lexical version which is made of multiple languages that are comic when spoken by these tiny creatures. The human characters present in this series can understand the language in which the minions converse. It is borrowed from languages such as Spanish, German, Italian, Korean, Japanese, English, and French. It sounds like English. However, when this franchise is dubbed in different languages, they sound different. Some of the words are tough to understand and so is the grammar.

What language do Minions speak?

The language spoken is completely fictional. There are some genuine words and phrases picked from other languages which fans can learn easily.  So far, there are many other movies in which the fictional language is being used like Star Trek’s Klingon, The Lord of the Rings, and Game of Thrones. The language of minions is completely gibberish in the first franchise and turned out to be complicated with the next sequels. The language has a lot of gibberish words that are a mix of different languages.

When the directors are figuring out the words to use, they would like to use words that sound ridiculous. Some of the most popular phrases that are lifted from the other languages are ti amo, kanpai, bi-do and terima kasih

Creator of this language 

It is the director of this animated series, Peter Coffin who created this language by taking words and phrases from different languages. They work hard since the beginning of materializing the concept for the movie and the language that this little creature should speak. However, minionese is not a language that is established full-fledged but these yellow creatures will communicate with each other in this in the entire movie. The supervisor Gru in the movie will be found with a dictionary and many assume that this language exists in the universe.

Interestingly, Gru understands minion language but evokes laughs when tries to speak. However, it is not a complicated language. The fans of this series have already grabbed some of the words watching this series and have found many of the words originated from Hindi, Korean, and English. The best example is Tank you, which is Thank you in English and is picked from English.

These minuscule creatures also count numbers and these are in the Korean language, i.e. 1, 2, 3 which means Hana, Dul, Sae. They use different names for dishes and love cooking. They talk about the poulet tikka masala, which is a combination of words from different languages, Poulet in French is chicken whereas tikka masala is spicy in India. Gelato is another word used by the minion for ice cream. It is the same in Italian.

Linguist for Minion language

The film directors, Peter Coffin and Chris Renaud are the ones who created this language. There are no language experts involved in the creation of this language. Some geniuses are involved in recording the Minion voices and dubbing in a realistic tone. Universal Cinemas has not hired any language expert to invent this language. It was never imagined by the directors that this language would achieve this level of fame and popularity in a short duration.

Various words in the Banana language picked from English

Some of the words in the Banana language are Bello! which is hello in English, Papples is Apples, Poopaye is goodbye, and so on.  Unlike other languages, this language was not created from scratch, but directors created this language to create fun in the movie. It has a collection of different words that resemble other languages. When the minions talk, it sounds gibberish yet when you listen you find the word to be heard somewhere.

In the sequel, new words and phrases are added by the directors.

How to speak this language?

Minion language is a concept rather than a language. When the yellow creatures speak this language, it sounds cute. The way they walk and their body language makes you fall in love with those tiny creatures. Many kids and elders who have watched this series love to converse in this language. Though it sounds easy to speak yet it is not an easy thing to do. The minion’s language has a mix of different languages. Speaking words with an accurate sound is a bit tough. Indeed, the language resembles baby talk. It makes you feel like a baby cooing. The cute voices and wonderful tones are felt like babies.


Minion language is a blend of different languages in a nutshell. These are put together to extract a funny speech that would sound like a baby talking. It is not a full-fledged language, but directors have borrowed words and phrases from different languages to let fans use them for communicating and funnily talking to each other. There is no translator for this language.

FAQ (Frequently asked questions)

Q1. What are the languages from which the Minion language is being created?

The phrases and words used in this language are taken from Korean, English, Spanish, French, and Hindi.

Q2. Who and how was this language created?

Directors Peter Coffin and Chris have created words and phrases used by the tiny creatures from different languages.

Q3. Does Minion language need translators?

There are no official translators available. However, after the release of the movie the craze for the language increased, and with this, an app called Best buy movie mode has been released to translate the dialogues of minions.

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